Commercial production

Meyers Services provides commercial work through out each stage of the project.  We will work alongside engineers, project managers, county and city officials as well as the client themselves to ensure that the project is being carried out according to plan and in the most efficient manner.  Meyers Services has experience working with many types of commercial projects and can add additional expertise and knowledge to the process and production as we move forward. 

Commercial work has many different moving parts and pieces to get a project completed.  We do our best to have an open and honest line of communication with all of these parts; this will create optimal productivity and satisfaction for all parties.


Examples of commercial projects

  1. Commercial building demolition
  2. Foundation excavation and backfill
  3. Storm drainage  
  4. Site design and grading
  5. Walkways and paths
  6. Waterlines, Sanitary Lines, Fire Lines etc.
  7. Parking Lot extensions, grading and finishing