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Letters from our clients:

Letter #1

We needed our driveway regraded and finished with recycled asphalt due to heavy rains that had washed the driveway out and caused deep ruts down the middle. Jeramy came by to give a quote and not only did he look at the size of driveway for a materials quote, he looked at the driveway in terms of correcting the problem that caused the erosion. He and his team were able to repair the driveway and level it towards proper draining channels that he dug out and improved. A new drainage channel was dug and filled with gravel at the top of the driveway which should keep water from rushing down during future rain storms. I am confident in their work and will definitely call them again for future projects. Jessa was also very patient and professional went I called for scheduling. I was very concerned about the cold weather and snow coming in and Jessa reassured me. They got everything done before the snow set in, even working in 19 degree weather. We are very thankful to have found Meyers!

Mary-Jean Sanders

Black Hawk, Colorado 2017

Letter #2

April 12, 2017


            This letter is being written to endorse the work of Meyers Services for the overall excellent service and work they have done working on general excavation, driveway grading, culverts and drainage solutions for our property.  They are very responsive and willing to work the hours necessary to meet inspections and construction deadlines. 

            We highly recommend them for your landscaping and service needs.



                                                                                    //Steve & Donna Getman//

8635 Baseline Rd

Lafayette, CO80026

303-968-9451 cell     


  Letter #3

We are very happy to provide a letter of reference for the work done on our driveway last fall.

This is a very steep driveway about four tenths of a mile long with a hairpin turn two thirds of the way to the top.  It was put in in the seventies and had deteriorated over time from many major snow storms, severe rain runoff and limited maintenance.

In three days you and your crew of two regraded the drive, widened the hairpin, moved several large boulders and put in a culvert to handle the runoff.  This, in and of itself, sounds pretty straight forward however we also need to take into consideration some of the challenges you were dealing with!

The three very large trucks delivering the road base could not back up the driveway because of a giant boulder that was too big to move.  Your crew handled this by widening the drive a few feet in that area.

One of the trucks could not extend all the way to dump its load so one of your crew climbed in with a shovel to move the material while the drivers watched.

The culvert was installed to handle runoff from snow and rain with the rocks on the upper side arranged in a decorative manner that makes it fit into the area with that very big boulder.  A catch basin was created in the downhill area to prevent future wash outs.

Just to make things more interesting it snowed about two inches on day two.

We appreciate the work that was completed on time and at the estimate you gave us.  It looks great, the access in much easier and we were able to go up this winter without having to plow.

Thank you,

Pat Johnson and Karen Davidson

Letter #4

April 23, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Jeramy Meyers has been doing various projects for me for the last few years.  They have included building a park, a bridge, and foundations, sewer and water line repair, replacement and landscaping.  His prices are reasonable, his workers reliable, pleasant and efficient.

He is good with public relations and bitchy neighbors.  Since completion of his first project I have used no other excavator and often have had to wait for him to be free.

  • Ron